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Taking cues from automotive nostalgia, this knob features a shift pattern etched into the surface of the knob. While keeping the pattern from rubbing off, the engraved design also adds that classic feel to any ride. These billiard-ball quality shift knobs are designed to be the HIGHEST QUALITY shift knobs on the market. Made with a super strong single-molecule bond, these knobs stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than any metal knob.
  • The color will NEVER rub off or lose its shine!
  • NO SET SCREWS!! All-metal threads so your shift knob WON'T wobble or fall off.
  • Perfectly sized at 2 1/8" diameter, the 4oz design feels ROCK-solid in your hand.
  • Sickspeed is PROUD to be American based, and American owned!!
  • Installs in seconds!!