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If you have a push-button lockout, this knob will NOT work for you.  You must have a gated shift lever for this knob to work

The "Glow in the dark" shift knob from Sickspeed.

Made with the same materials and quality control standards as similar shift knobs that sell for $168.00+ at dealerships. These billiard-ball quality shift knobs are designed to be the HIGHEST QUALITY shift knobs on the market. Made with a super strong single-molecule bond, these knobs stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than any metal knob.

    • These knobs are NOT painted. The color will NEVER rub off or lose its shine!
    • NO SET SCREWS!! All-metal threads so your shift knob WON'T wobble or fall off.
    • Perfectly sized at 2 1/8" diameter, the 4oz design feels ROCK-solid in your hand.
    • Made in the USA. Sickspeed is proud to be America based, and American owned!!
    • Features a Glow in the dark design, just charge them up in light and they will glow for hours.
    • Installs in seconds!!